Read the act that created the INA Board and outlines the purpose and goals of the organization.

INA Legislation

  1. §25-27-101 | Title
  2. §25-27-102 | Definitions
  3. §25-27-103 | Board
  4. §25-27-104 | Duties
  5. §25-27-105 | Network Manager

§ 25-27-101. Title

This chapter may be cited as and shall be known as the "Information Network of Arkansas Act". History. Acts 1995, No. 1139, § 1

§ 25-27-102. Definitions.

As used in this chapter:

  1. "Agency" means any agency, board, commission, public instrumentality, political subdivision, or any of the foregoing entities acting on behalf of the State of Arkansas which store, gather, or generate public information;
  2. "Gateway system" means any centralized electronic information system by which public information shall be disseminated or collected via the internet, dial-in modem, continuous link, or other electronic medium;
  3. "I.N.A." means the Information Network of Arkansas, or, if the Information Network of Arkansas shall be abolished, the board, body, or commission succeeding to the principal functions thereof or to whom the powers given by this chapter to the Information Network of Arkansas shall be given by law;
  4. "Network manager" means the entity or person designated by contractual obligation to establish, develop, operate, maintain, and expand the gateway system on behalf of the Information Network of Arkansas;
  5. "Public information" means any information stored, gathered, or generated in electronic or magnetic form by an agency, its agencies, or instrumentalities, which is included within the information deemed to be public pursuant to the Freedom of Information Act of 1967, § 25-19-101 et seq., and other provisions of the Arkansas Code providing for release of information to the public at large to specified groups or recipients; and
  6. "User association" means an association:
    • (A) Whose membership is identifiable by regular payment of association dues and regularly maintained membership lists;
    • (B) Which is registered with the Secretary of State as an Arkansas corporation;
    • (C) Which exists for the purpose of advancing the common occupation or profession of its membership; and
    • (D) Which, after the appointment of the initial board of the Information Network of Arkansas, regularly promotes and encourages the subscription of its members to the gateway system developed by the Information Network of Arkansas.History. Acts 1995, No. 1139, § 2; 1999, No. 538, § 1

§ 25-27-103. Board.

§ Duties.

§ 25-27-105. Network Manager.

Information Network of Arkansas

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